Our Services

Prodelpack offers ecologically sustainable packaging solutions for restaurants and catering businesses, with a wide range of solutions to cater for every budget.

Our expertise lies in offering our clients a customized solution for their packaging needs, and for this, we have the best team of international procurement, manufacturing, designers and marketing consultants.

When you choose to work with us we will put all our expertise at your service to help you allocate the right packaging to the right product at the optimum budget.

Our purpose is to help your business succeed using Prodelpack packaging, we will go all the way to find the best solution that will be sustainable in the long term and delivers your brand and its promise.

Our marketing and design team could be commissioned to apply your artwork to the packaging, or you can benefit from our free consultations regarding the best number of colors, and design best practices for consistent sustainable packaging.

Before we proceed with a customized order, you will see a digital, and physical proof and every new order must follow our DCR(Design Confirmation Records) process to ensure that every job is done up to our high standards.

Our job does not stop with the order finished, we will deliver your order to your warehouse, and if you do not have enough warehousing, we can cooperate to allocate to you a certain space in our warehouses for free for a limited time.

For more info on any of these services, call us at +961 1 266 887 or schedule a meeting with our sales team.