Manual Bamboo Chopsticks


heavy-duty, expensive manual bamboo chopsticks is used for eating sushi, noodles and other types of chinese and japanese food.

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Square Tip Bamboo Chopsticks

These chopsticks are eco-friendly because bamboo is totally biodegradable. The bamboo chopsticks make an affordable choice for the start-ups. Also, bamboo is strong and repels oil, so bamboo disposable chopsticks are especially suitable for sushi, tempura and ramen restaurants. The tip of these chopsticks are square.

Primary Identifications:

  • Ecological 

  • Biodegradable 

  • Recyclable 

  • Oil resistant 

  •  Disposable chopsticks

  • Chopsticks sleeves are available separately and can be customized according to customer;s needs and preferences 

The application of these chopsticks can be found at:

Sushi shops, tempura and ramen restaurants, takeaway shops, events and catering businesses.


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