Prod / Exp Stickers


Removable sticker identifies the production and expiry date for your product.

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Prod/Exp Food Label For Food Rotation

The adhesive label gives specific food prod/exp information to better organize foods in storage bins. Stickers have writable lines for item, production date; time; and expiry date. Simply write on the food rotation label using a pen, peel and apply on the package. 

Primary Identifications:

  • Used for food rotations in kitchens, restaurants and more.

  • Keeps you organized 

  • Helps reduce waste 

  • Sold per roll (each roll has 1000 pcs) 

  • Easy to peel and apply 


The application of this label can be found at:

Kitchens, restaurants, food trucks, delis, grocery stores,fast food, markets, read-to-eat section in supermarkets, convenience stores, and more.


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